about me


@Frostion the Jackal#4998

Some Unimportant Info

What are you even? A frosty jackal who loves weird electronic musical things. I'm in need of other cool furs to talk to so message me on Telegram or Discord if you want! (Warning: I am extremely awkward and really bad at keeping conversation going...)

Why does this site keep changing its look? I love designing new interfaces and color schemes and stuff, so this site's design is constantly in flux. I also wanted it to have a slightly cleaner and more professional look, which I have hopefully achieved with the current design.

What specs does your PC have? Click here for a parts list for my desktop. My laptop is an Asus ROG GL702VSK.

Hobbies and Interests

Synth things: Unlike most people who do synth things, I just find making sound itself interesting. I rarely make music. Most of what I do is design DIY synth design, whether it's an analog circuit, something Arduino-based, or a program for the Axoloti.

Programming and electronics: Most of the things that I make are synths in some way, but I occasionally branch out into other projects as well. I mostly make things with Arduino, but I've tried things like Game Maker for PC as well (and I'm really bad at it).

Furry: I've been interested in it for years, but have only been actively involved for a little less than a year now. It's somewhere in between a hobby and a lifestyle, I guess? IDK how to describe it. It's pretty rad, and more people should definitely check it out (and stop thinking it's something gross). Also, having a big floofy tail and paws is the best.

Things I Like


Favorite artist: Neon Indian or Keep Shelly In Athens

Favorite song: Too many to pick, but if I had to pick one, it would be Terra by Lemmino

Favorite album: Any by Neon Indian - I can't decide on just one!

Game Things

Favorite console game: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Favorite portable game: Megaman Battle Network series

Favorite PC game: Sorry... but probably Minecraft...

Favorite game console: Definitely the Game Boy Advance. I think I spent my entire childhood on my GBA.

My Hardware Music Things

(in order from most to least favorite, not including my DIY stuff)

1. Axoloti: This is the MOST AMAZING SYNTH THING EVER! Completey reprogrammable and can become any kind of synth or effect unit or anything you can think of, as long as you can program it. Like an audio Arduino but so much better.

2. Casio CZ-1000: An unmistakably 80s digital synth with a surprising amount of warmth and versatility. Sounds amazing through chorus.

3. Digitech Polara: I love reverb. I use it on literally everything. Every mode on this is fantastic, and it adds a ton of stereo spread to any sound.

4. Digitech Nautila: Much like the Polara, this pedal adds a ton of stereo spread, but I like reverb just a bit more than chorus.

5. Korg Kaossilator 1: A super fun little box for sketching out musical ideas and just making silly noises. My favorite portable synth I own.

6. Kastle: A fun and super deep timewaster, but I can't see myself ever using this for actual music. For the price though, it's a lot of fun!

7. Mooer Ninety Orange: This is definitely not a bad pedal, but I rarely use it and I don't think I would miss it much if I sold it.